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Keeping Up with Kelsey: A Running Podcast

Feb 19, 2018

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On today's episode, I talk about one of my favorite parts of running...races! I list my top 10 favorite races and what is so great about each of them. Several are of the half marathon distance, but I also throw in a triathlon, two relays, a multi-event challenge.  Each of these races provided me with an awesome experience and I want to share each of these with you. 

On this episode: 

Downhill at Dawn Half Marathon

Downhill at Dawn Race Recap

Episode 8 with Elizabeth Heidal

Little Rock Marathon

Great Smoky Mountains Half Marathon

Knoxville Marathon

Knoxville Marathon Race Recap


Hood To Coast Relay

Hood to Coast Race Recap

Ragnar Vegas

Ragnar Vegas Race Recap

Indy Monumental Marathon

Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon

Myrtle Beach Mini Race Recap 

Flying Pig

Flying Pig Race Recap


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