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Keeping Up with Kelsey: A Running Podcast

Apr 25, 2018

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Tia Stone, better known on the Internet as Arkansas Runner Mom, is a mom of 4 and extremely talented runner from, you guessed it, Arkansas.  She has ran Boston, won the same marathon 3 different times, and proudly has several sub 3 hour marathons to her name.  She works very hard in her training and her dedication really pays off!  On this episode, we talk about her recent races at Little Rock, the Strava Speed Project, and how she braved the crazy weather to run Boston with her sister.  Tia shares how running became a family affair for her and also lets us in on how she fuels for grueling races.  It is amazing to see someone like Tia balance kids, life, and have such an impressive running resume. You are going to love my conversation with Tia!


Mentioned in this episode: 

Little Rock Marathon

Tia’s sister Tricky Runs

Boston Marathon

Dallas Marathon

Chicago Marathon

Plantar Fasciitis


Strava Speed Project

Tia’s Recap of the Strava Speed Project

NormaTec Recovery Boots

Spark drink

Shot Blocks


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