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Keeping Up with Kelsey: A Running Podcast

May 19, 2018

Jamie Watts is an incredible athlete with a story that will inspire you no matter your fitness level.  She is a runner from the DC area who has completed well over 100 races that range in distance from 5ks all the way to her recent marathon finish.  What's even more impressive than that?  Jamie has done this as a runner with cerebral palsy.  After using running as a way to get in shape for a family trip to Italy, she quickly discovered her love for finish lines and has been crossing them ever since.  In this episode, Jamie shares her story of becoming a runner, what her first race was like, what it is like starting races earlier than everyone else, how she fuels during really long training runs, and what her experience was like for her first marathon.  Jamie also offers encouragement to anyone who may be scared to do a road race for fear of coming in last.  Jamie's personality is uplifting and spunky and you are going to love this episode!